About Us



     The natural world is a wonderful adventure. The Nature Kid creates ways for children to explore, discover, and learn about the world around them and the wildlife they share it with.

           Our programs and products teach children about the natural environment, inspire them to enjoy all that nature has to offer, and provide practical tools for children to make a difference in protecting nature.

Started in Southern California, the Nature Kid is a registered non-profit (501c) organization.

Book Awards

Our Talented Team

Dawne Knobbe - Author/Educator/Publisher

Dawne is a novelist, freelance writer and educator. She is a founding member of the Sandscibes Writers Crew, and an SCBWI-LA Board member for over ten years. She has taught writing workshops and  popular writer’s retreats including Critiquemania, in California and Infuse the Muse in Hawaii.

Molly Peckels  - Author/Marketing

As a certified teacher, Molly saw a need for fun literature for children to learn about the tide pool animals. Our products were created as a result of her teaching, volunteer experience at the Laguna Beach tide pools and her passion for the ocean. 

(Sadly we lost Molly to Breast Cancer in 2019, but she is always in our hearts)

Svett - Author & Illustrator

Svetlana  is a writer, illustrator and Art Therapist who has always had an affinity with the beach. She has been facilitating workshops and mentoring children's writers for 15 years. Currently she works with children and their families with health crisis.